Healing and Time Hack

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Healing and Time Hack

I discovered a hack a few years ago about healing and time.
I recognised that when I faced personal issues it took me what seemed a longer time to heal and move forward than it should.

Through introspection I recognised that the pain I was trying to move forward from in the present (the actual event) had more to do with related trauma from my past and the doubt of my ability to cope with the pain in the future. Only a portion of the pain I was feeling in the moment with had to do with the actual event.

Our past will remind us of related situations we’ve experienced and will often speak of failure/ inadequacies. Because of the pain we felt in our past, our future will speak words of doubt about our ability to cope with the present. This stress is typically accompanied by a mood of anxiety which will demand impossible answers to questions such as, “How long will I feel like this?”, “When will this go away?”

When we allow these voices (past and future) to dominate our present we quickly become overwhelmed by the influx of emotion and subsequently our healing process is stopped.

If you are currently facing an event that you are battling with try remove your past and future from your present. You will quickly notice that your present situation is not as overwhelming as it first appeared.

I will be releasing a video clip on this topic in the next few weeks which will lead you through the process on how to simply carry this out.

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