Richard has an important story to share and at the same time will help you unlock your inner wealth. Richard about how discovering your own inner wealth of potential, knowledge, tenacity and determination will help you Overcome your Impossible Odds, be it in your personal or business lives. This transformation leads to success and wealth.

The world we live in is and has been governed by fear since time immemorial. Richard speaks about challenging fear and regaining control of your destiny.

Richard’s remarkable road to personal wealth is stimulated by the ability to seek and find solutions in unconventional places and in extraordinary ways. Get involved, get engaged and unleash your own inner wealth. To book a session with Richard drop him a mail in the contact form below. Remember to subscribe to Richard’s blog posts for regular updates.

Overcome Impossible Odds – OIO24
Join Richard online for one of the following conversations as he shares his personal journey on how to change your life and path by changing your social culture, how to challenge your view of the world and reasons you believe you are affected.

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Personal Boundaries: On which side of the fence are you?

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The Narcissistic Love Story – Free e-book download

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The stories we live in: Our thoughts create our reality

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