Narcissists & Relationships

     Narcissistic Relationships To a Narcissist, relationships are all about ritual! Like an animal and a kill, Victims are tracked (Groomed), hunted (Love Bombing), eaten (Devalued) and then left (Discarded). To a survivor of a Narcissistic relationship, [...]

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Why Can’t I let this Go!?

Healing and Time Hack explained If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, “Why can’t I let this go”, “Why can’t I move forward from this?” then this 7min talk is one that you won’t want to miss! In this short [...]

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It’s not about you

Yet, why does it still hurt? Potentially this has to do with our listening. We seem pre-wired to react before we allow ourselves time to reflect. This makes us impulsive and regretful. I had an encounter recently with a person [...]

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