Addiction Recovery: OWN IT!

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It’s time to become your own brand and own your recovery. I’ve done the 12 steps twice and through doing them I learnt an incredible amount about myself. I like to think that the learnings I took from the steps form part of Richard Version 2. However, when paging though my step work I often find myself thinking, “wow, I forgot about that”.

In order to keep my sobriety in check, with a quick daily overview of who I’ve become and where I still wanted to go. I developed the ‘Addiction Recovery Brand Brain‘ which I have found very helpful.

The Brand Brain will help you own your recovery!

I am a brand strategist and branding makes sense to me. When I see well-known adverts for brands, such as Nike or Adidas / Mercedes or BMW, it is easy for me to picture what the brand stands for and the types of people who use it. Like humans, brands have a personality and they make people feel a certain way when they consume them. This is how companies use advertising to speak directly to their market. A Brand Brain gives brands an identity. I found this concept interesting and decided to play around with it when it came to my recovery. After all, we let go of the old version of ourselves in addiction and we re-brand ourselves in our new life of sobriety.

The Recovery Brand Brain is simple to use

It is a one pager which I keep on my fridge. As I grow in my journey so my Brand Brain, in part, changes. It has been a rewarding experience for me to note the growth I’ve experienced in my journey from reading through my past Brand Brains.

I particularly love my monthly Brand Recovery Icons as they keep me motivated and inspired.

When I feel a bit down, I glance over my Values because they remind me of the person I have become.

When I’m fearful, I read through My Purpose, Uniqueness and Insight. These remind me of what an incredible gift sobriety is and how grateful I am.

My Vision keeps me inspired. It reminds me that in recovery I am able to have dreams and ambitions. This motivate me to keep pushing further along my path of sobriety.

In Recovery we have hope, purpose and a new outlook on life – we become our own unique brand.

Let’s look at the example of Mercedes Benz and BMW. Although they are both luxury cars and in essence ‘do’ the same thing, we view them both differently. It’s the same in recovery. We share a common purpose but the way we share and communicate our purpose (our experience) to others is unique. You are your own Recovery; and you are your own unique brand.    

Although it is not necessary it is helpful to map your Brand Brain by following the numbers. I also want to mentioned that it is not necessary to have completed the 12 Steps to use the Brand Brain. Download a copy and begin mapping your recovery journey and become your recovery brand.

Tip: When plotting a your Brand Brain allow yourself to be a visionary, honest and creative. In sobriety we’ve been given a new chance at shaping our lives – allow yourself to be the author of your destiny. Be your own Brand and celebrate your uniqueness with pride.

 Example of my completed Brand Brain:

Own your recovery: The recovery brand brain

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    Love this. Will be using this as my framework. Thank you

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