Your sun will shine

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1. You are human and it is really okay to not be okay at times. Life is never a simple straight line and at times those twist and turns come hard and fast. However, don’t allow the struggles you are currently facing blind you to your incredible resilience.

2. Really walk through this point and give it the attention it deserves. You are a living miracle in so many ways. The personal battles you’ve fought, and the heartaches you’ve faced, have made you the strong and resourceful person that you are. Appreciate your bravery and courage! You’ve made it so far and soon the battle that you are be facing right now will be a landmark that you reflect on with pride.

3. There will have been times in your past when you’ve thought, “I don’t think I can”, and yet you did. Each of those experiences have paved the way for you to appreciate what is to come. Your sun, in time, will shine boldly and brightly. Hold on!

4. Life hasn’t given up on you so don’t give up on it. There are unspoken conversations and experiences waiting for you. Don’t let go.

5. You are doing it right now! It so easy for us to encourage others because we see the potential in them. Remember, those very people see that same potential burning in you. Walk forward with wonder and curiosity because with each day you hold more strength than you did yesterday.


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