Who is Richard?

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On paper, I’m a successful Brand Strategist with a Master’s Degree in Leadership and a host of achievements in corporate life. To the outside world it has always seemed that I had everything, but nobody knew about the war that raged inside me.  Breaking a 17-year chronic substance abuse addiction and experiencing the shift from a culture of addiction to a culture of recovery, has been my greatest accomplishment.

I am now ready to share my experience and learnings, in order to help others on their own journey to recovery, whatever that may be.

I see myself as a ‘Life Recovery Coach’ because I have witnessed the traits and behaviours of the addiction culture running deep within the majority of my clients, most of who have never been abusers of any substance. So in my assessment, the addiction culture actually lies in behaviour, not in substance.  

As a coach, mentor and lecturer I have various platforms on which to share my experience and insights of behaviour and perception. Although sharing my personal experience with the world is somewhat daunting,  I find encouragement in the opportunity it presents to help others challenge their various breakdowns in life, which at times may seem like impossible odds to overcome.

I have learnt that despite circumstance, we are able to experience a shift and observe these ‘odds’ as gifts with powerful messages. They only appear ‘impossible’ to us when we choose not to listen to the learnings they offer.

Life will constantly present us with challenges or, if we shift our perception, invitations to take part in learning experiences. When we accept that we are continuous learners in life we experience a shift from ‘I feel overwhelmed’ to ‘I can overcome’.

In essence, I am a facilitator who gathers information and combines theory with life experiences that collectively allows me the opportunity to help others navigate their own life’s path.      

I extend a personal invitation for you to join me as we navigate through life in the hope that what I share will create understanding and allow you to observe yourself and your own challenges in a more resourceful way.

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