What we’re feeling and why?

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As human becomings, we move in and out of many emotional states daily so it’s not surprising that we lose track of, ‘What we’re feeling and why’?
Our emotional states are part of a biological process – this means that we feel our emotions in our bodies. When I feel disappointment, I feel it in the lower area of my stomach.
When I feel anxiety I feel it sitting in the middle of my chest.
Becoming aware of how our bodies operate, with regard to our emotional states, is an incredible opportunity for us to begin to know ourselves better.
Why is this important? Well, if you recognise that anxiety sits in your chest, when that feeling comes you are then able to deal effectively with it. E.G

Emotional State: Anxiety = Uncertainty x Powerlessness:

Questions to Ask: What am I uncertain about? Why do I feel the need to control it? Is it possible to control?
If the answer is no, a more helpful way to deal with Anxiety is to explore acceptance around your inability to control it and therefore it would be more helpful to simply let it be.
I’ve found this Emotional Equation chart so helpful when trying to understand the root causes of my emotions.
Play around with it this week and allow yourself the opportunity to get in-touch with your deeper self.

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