Quotes are the result of hard won experience

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Quotes are not simply a collection of words; they are the end result of hard won experience through difficult trials. They form the ultimate ‘take-out’, the learnings and wisdom found though deep reflection at the end of a difficult journey.

1. I AM: (Not: we/us): This is about personal responsibility. Only I can do this.
2. WILLING: Willingness requires us to let go of the old and embrace the unknown. This is the ultimate sacrifice and is therefore often the hardest step.
3. TO CREATE: To create is to craft/mould or to give form. It requires focus and persistence
4. THE LIFE: Life is not our daily routine. Life is rich with our thoughts, interactions with others and most importantly, how we hold ourselves in the midst of it all.
5. I DESIRE: To desire is to wish or yearn for. It speaks of passion and longing. This stage is where our dreams take life. To dream is to see possibility and potential

Having reflected on the above quote I’ve interpreted and applied it as such:

“When I assume responsibility for my life, I become teachable. With these lessons I give myself permission to move forward and sew together the potential within me to build a life I know I can live.”

What does the above mean to you?

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