Limiting Self-Beliefs Steal from us

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Limiting self-beliefs shade us from our truth.

I recall walking out of a board meeting 2 years ago and mentioning to a colleague that I wish that I was more assertive. My colleague looked at me oddly and said, “Richard, I’ve never met a more assertive person in my life”. Shocked at his response I asked others for their opinion and, to my surprise, they all agreed.

As humans we unconsciously live under self-prescribed beliefs of ourselves which are typically based on a few traumatic experiences. In my life I’ve lived under such labels which, like bad habits, I’ve acquired over the years. For example, when asked a question such as “would you describe yourself as insecure vs secure”. I would automatically choose ‘insecure’ without second thought. Yet, this is simply not true.

Over December I closed shop and took time to self-audit. I began asking myself some important questions. I realized that that 98% of the labels I live under are no longer relevant to the person I am today.

However, when we remain unconscious of our limiting beliefs we are destined to live like our shadows. We have form but no definition. Limiting self-beliefs steal from us and resign us to live a life in the shade. Hidden from the warmth of our own sun.

Take some time and write down a few words describing yourself. Don’t just accept them at first. Question their legitimacy. In doing so you will start to practice an aspect of self-love. By taking a step out of the shade you may find the confident, reassured person you’ve always wanted to be was actually there all the time. Once you accept this, I guarantee you that your life will begin to change.

TIP: Next time you’re in the sun look at your shadow and let it remind you that what was, is no longer.

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