Season 1 YouTube Coaching Conversations

Published On: 22nd Apr 2022By 0 Comments
As we begin filming Season 2 of our Life Coaching Conversations, I thought I would post a summary (with direct links below) of the topics that were covered in Season 1. You can either visit my YouTube page @ oio24 or select a topic below to watch.  If there are any specific topics you would like me to cover in Season 2 please drop me a private message.
1. Comparison is the Death of Joy:
2. The Stories we live in and out of:
3. Limiting self-beliefs keep us stuck:
4. The importance of our own values:
5. Anxiety: The new epidemic
6. If Richard Branson took over your life:
7. Stress & our nervous system:
8. Why we carry our mistakes with us:
9. Listening to your inner voice:
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