If you want to see lasting change start with 5%

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For change to become permanent it needs time to slowly ‘bake’ into our lives. Meaning that for change to truly stick, and not be short-term, these changes need time to simmer into our everyday routine. It’s for this reason that I suggest change is done in increments of just 5%.

Think about it, if you aim for a 5% change per month (starting in July) by December you would see a 30% improvement in that area. A 30% change is a monumental improvement!

I would recommend that you start by concentrating on one area only. Once you’ve decided on your area jot down what 5% improvement could look like. Remember it’s 5%. Not 50%, 75% or 100%!

When I first started using this tool I chose to concentrate on, ‘How I showed up to others’ and focused on the following 5% monthly increments:

  • Month 1 (5%): become aware of the conversations I was having
  • Month 2: (10%) listen more than I spoke
  • Month 3: (15%) recognise that everybody was going through personal issues
  • Month 4: (20%) be sensitive with the words I used
  • Month 5: (25%) watch my tone when speaking to people
  • Month 6: (30%) truly allow space for people to reply

The 5% rule had such a profound impact on the quality of my relationships with people. Today those baked changes are now simply part of who I am and how I communicate.

Remember: Incremental changes = manageable changes.

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