IAMRICH: This is Richard’s signature claim to inner wealth where his energized, captivating and spell-binding power sessions keep audiences glued to their seats, promoting transformation and self-development. His unique perspective of life and the triggers needed to Overcome Impossible Odds makes him one of South Africa’s newest and most exciting motivational speakers, with a true story to tell.

This is not about winning a game against competitors, climbing a mountain in a physical achievement, or breaking a world-record. This is about the greatest challenge a human-being can face, the demons within you. Unseen and unpredictable, driven and promoted by the unexplained desire for more pain. Richard shares his hidden battle and how he has been able to apply this to life skills and business practice in overcoming the challenges of modern-day progress.

Richard has addressed social groups, corporate leadership, entrepreneurs and many individuals, all looking to unleash their self-worth and inner potential. His relaxed, yet sometimes disruptive style and poignant message is engaging and emotional, yet at the same time inspiring and achievable.

He is a Life Recovery Coach, Lecturer and Business Leadership motivator with a master’s degree in Business Leadership. Richard is waiting to address you, one-on-one, or in groups.

To book Richard as a key note speaker contact him at rich@oio24.com.