COVID-19 has become a language we live in

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COVID-19 has become a language we live in. Within the word lies a host of personal meaning and emotion. Many of us know of people who have lost their lives and loved ones who are considered very high risk.

In this COVID-19 language we have experienced a drastic shift within as we unconsciously become accustomed to living in a bubble of the unknown. Isolated from our friends, family and daily distractions we have been forced to isolate within ourselves. For many of us it may be the first time that we’ve questioned our own mortality, recognizing how fragile life is and are subsequently facing feelings of loneliness and darkness.

However, as we fight this pandemic together, we are perhaps for the first time in a very long while, not alone but bonded together by one thing: Hope. Unlike the Hope we’ve experienced in the past, this COVID-era Hope is not selfish because it is not reserved for ourselves. It is the purest form of Hope because we share it for each other and for the world.

Hope in times of COVID

                                                                 Hope is a language

Hope has a language too. Within those 4 letters lies the promise of a new day, a day filled with freedom, light and love. A light so bright that it has the potential to remove the sting of the unknown. A Hope for a future where we are able to walk freely without fear.

In these seemingly dark times allow a space within you for Hope to shine. It has the strength to light the darkest of spaces you may feel. You are not alone; we are in this together. At the end of this COVID tunnel we will emerge with stronger bonds towards life and each other having experienced what is truly important and what never was.

The language of Hope lies within each of us. It has the power to restore and to provide sustenance to those who are battle weary. Let us choose which language we live in with care and select our words wisely. Your language of Hope has the potential to be the light for somebody who is yet to find theirs.

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