Are you listening to the wisdom of your life’s seasons?

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The challenges we face can at times overwhelm us and leave us feeling stuck. However, if you observe the wisdom of nature and listen to its lessons, you will notice that we are ALL part of a process of seasonal learning. Never allow yourself to become distracted by comparing your Season to others. If you do you will lose sight of the important life lessons your Seasons are trying to teach you.

Summer: This is a time for you to enjoy the gifts, blessing and good times that life has presented you. There is laughter, friendship, love and happiness. In the Summer of your life allow yourself the space to enjoy the beauty of life, lie in your sun and soak it up.

Autumn: Issues and trials may begin to overwhelm you. It is easy to lose sight of our Summer when we start to feel alone. However, Autumn is a season of ‘slowing down’ it is not a season of loss. The trees shed their leaves in Autumn not because there is something wrong but because they are preparing themselves for new growth in time.

Winter: It may feel that the trials of your Autumn have you by the throat and it becomes challenging to breathe through the days. The Winter of our lives is not there to punish us it is there to remind us that the next season is one of new growth. There’s a beautiful saying, “Don’t give up before the miracle happens” – allow these words to keep you warm on the cold Winter days

Spring: New opportunities begin to present themselves as you experience a renewed excitement and strength in life. The fruit of your work, strength and resilience against the cold in Winter begins to show as the miracle that you waited for, and kept your eyes on in the Winter, slowly reveals itself.

Remember the Seasons change so there’s no need to fear them. We are never stuck but rather evolving.


Which Season do you currently find yourself in?

What wisdom can you call on from your previous season which will provide you strength and resilience?

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